VOGUE Runway for VAMFF


It was such an honour to be approached by VOGUE Australia to work with Mark Vassallo, now Creative Director of Far Fetch, for VAMFF. Mark’s vision was to create headwear in different mediums saying “VOGUE”.

It’s so amazing to be given free reign with design, and I chose 4 mediums in total

  1. Floating Jinsin fibre


2. Sculpted pheasant feathers


3. 3D printed and Swarovski encrusted


4. Jacquard covered + French silk veiling


I’ll never forget the moment when the show started. The lights went out and on went Madonna’s “VOGUE”, echoing throughout the Royal Exhibition Centre in Melbourne. The next thing I knew, there was my “VOGUE” LED headpiece, floating along the catwalk on a solo walk to start the show. I have never been so excited!


The finale was lead by the face of VAMFF, wearing my beautiful Swarovski headpiece ~ such a proud Millinery Moment!


A massive thank you to my creative family at Creative Enterprise Australia , particularly Shapelabs for their support.

Christie Murray